Sarenet offers MPLS solutions or for multiprotocol label switching to its clients to interconnect work centers through a customized secure network.

This solution is multi-operator and multi-technology . It combines technologies such as fiber links, dual Secure fiber, radio links or 4G cable modem, among others, as well as the infrastructures of the main operators in the country. And is characterized by integrating mobility, hosting applications in the cloud, voice and data services .

It is similar to SD-WAN, always with permanent availability. One of its great advantages is real-time monitoring that allows knowing the status of the lines and analyzing the private network traffic, the stations involved, their origin and destination and the corresponding services. MPLS provides critical traffic analysis and prioritization, allowing routing and latencies to optimize performance.

Sarenet promises high availability and reliability with backup configurations, with no common point of failure for critical connections. To ensure security, it has application control firewalls and SSL encrypted tunnels , which helps integrate external connections.