One of Walt Disney ‘s last plans before he passed away was to open an attraction inspired by the world of pirates in your Disneyland park; Although the genius of animation and entertainment did not get to see this project carried out, in 1967 Pirates of The Caribbean opened its doors, an attraction that not only inspired the millionaire movie franchise of the same name, but also had a very strong impact on popular culture and the image of pirates around the world.

The Disney World scavenger hunts inspired one of the Sea of ​​Thieves mechanics. Sea of ​​Thieves is no stranger to the inspirations of this attraction and the Rare developers have talked about what this place has meant for the creation of their game. In an interview with 3DJuegos, Shelley Preston and Andrew Preston , leading designers at Sea of ​​Thieves confessed their love for Disney parks and talked about your specific sources of inspiration for Sea of ​​Thieves.

“When I proposed to Shelley it was at Disney World, during the Wishes fireworks show, it is one of the best memories of my life, we are very Disney fans, we love Disney, we try to go every year and of course Pirates of the Caribbean is one of our favorite attractions, ”said Andrew Preston about his admiration for Disney parks. The designer also confessed that on one of his first visits to Disney World, when they were beginning to develop Sea of ​​Thieves, he went on a treasure hunt with his wife related to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and that having a physical map in the hands with clues and riddles was the source of inspiration to create one of the most important mechanics of the game.

The designers also expressed their admiration for the perfect audio mix and transitions within the ride, something they have also tried to emulate over the years, as well as the narrative richness contained in such a small space.

The audio of the Disneyland attraction will be present at Sea of ​​Thieves

With the arrival of Pirate’s Life it is time perfect to pay tribute to the classic attraction that has inspired them.Rare’s special presentation on the new game expansion has shown how some of the most important scenes from the classic Disneyland game have been perfectly recreated within Sea of ​​the Damned, a place where memories of pirates of the past float. The recreation is not only visual, but the original Disneyland audios have been taken up to give them authenticity and a nostalgic touch.

It gives me the creeps every time I hear Dead Men Tell no Tales echoed by Dead Man’s Grotto. Mike Chapman, Creative Director In a question and answer session for In the media, as part of the launch of Pirate’s Life, Mike Chapman , Creative Director of Sea of ​​Thieves, delved into the use of these original audios from the Disneyland attraction for the game. «It gives me chills every time I hear Dead Men Tell no Tales with the echo of Dead Man’s Grotto,» commented the director of the game about the introduction of these audios to the game and also commented that not only the voices of the attraction were retaken, but also ambient sounds of elements such as wind, lightning and seagulls.

Chapman also commented that no is the only surprise regarding what we will hear when exploring the new Pirate’s Life scenarios.The creative director commented that several original actors who lent their voices for the Disney attraction returned to record new lines of dialogue related to the original story of Sea of ​​Thieves and that it made with old microphones to emulate the sound quality of the attraction.

We have no doubt that these details will make fans of Disney and multiple references to the entire movie saga also await us. We remind you that Pirate’s Life arrives free as part of the third season of c