Companies are turning to monitoring software to monitor how their employees use corporate resources even when they are away from the office. This control has become key with the increase in teleworking amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A Capterra study, focused on small and medium-sized Spanish companies, reveals that 1 in 2 workers (48%) is watched by their employer. Only 7% do not know if their company monitors it.

This monitoring has to do with issues such as attendance for time control, computer activity (for example, the use of a browser or even the recording of typing on the keyboard), surveillance with cameras, workload ( from control of objectives and list of activities to performance indicators) and digital communication through email , chats and video calls.

It is found that the implementation of surveillance and control tools for these issues has grown with the health crisis.

Organizations must inform workers of this and most say they know what their rights are and also what activities are controlled from above. Up to 81% of the monitored employees would have received the corresponding explanations.

Similarly, 8 out of 10 workers believe that the company stores their data safely and that it also handles it with security in mind.

But Capterra warns that there is room for improvement in communication. 36% of those surveyed require more data and almost a fifth admit that no one has explained their rights to them, so they would not have given their consent.

52% of the employees who are being monitored agree with it. And 44% of those surveyed believe that this monitoring is positive for the company . And that they also state concerns about the invasion of their privacy, the damage to trust, the stress or the low morale that this practice entails.

An alternative would be self-monitoring solutions so that workers themselves measure parameters of their activity and optimize productivity levels. Right now 37% of the Spaniards questioned about its implementation believe that they would not influence their motivation to achieve the goals set. And 30% say they would feel less motivated .