SentinelOne lands in the iberian market with the aim to lead the market of solutions of endpoint security, based on Artificial Intelligence.

“The cyber security market regional is very mature and developed, but it is very conservative. Enterprises want to keep their assets safe, but sometimes fail in the forms: it is not enough to stop the threats, it is necessary to develop actions post implementation”, says Ovanes Mikhaylov, Regional Sales Manager of SentinelOne Iberia.

With these words, Ovanes Mikhaylov, SentinelOne, the company protection of autonomous, endpoint, has announced the start of operations in the iberian market, in which up to now was present through its wholesale Exclusive Networks.

A market that the company comes with an ambitious challenge: to lead the market of solutions for endpoint, based on the Artificial Intelligence.

As has been explained to the Regional Sales Manager of SentinelOne Iberia, the iberian market currently accounts for 5% of the turnover of SentinelOne within Western Europe, a figure that the company expects to double in the near future, after the recruitment of local resources and the implementation of an action plan.

The introduction and positioning of the brand in customers (new and current), the configuration of a channel strategy, based on the specialisation and the creation of a network of partners engaged and satisfied, will be your groundwork to achieve it.

SentinelOne is a focus of safety for the endpoint unique, and independent. A solution developed to fight against the landscape of advanced threats, it provides protection against known and unknown attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious conduct to speed of machine.

The unique approach of SentinelOne is based on the in-depth inspection of all processes in the system, combined with a machine learning innovator, to quickly isolate malicious behaviors, protecting the devices against targeted threats advanced real-time.

Such an approach, in addition, combined detection techniques, behavior-based threats, with forensic tools and mitigation automated to deal against attacks that use a combination of advanced techniques inside the malware, exploits, or scripts insecure.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) behavior patented SentinelOne provides prevention in real-time and ActiveEDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) from one end to another of the cloud, through a cloud platform native that does not depend on the connectivity or updates.