The Japanese company boasts the fruits of its business strategy of cuts.


Sharp has released interesting forecasts for the fiscal year 2017 and the company’s forecasts are very positive, since expects to achieve operating benefits of 25.7 billion yen, an amount equivalent to 245 million dollars .

The Osaka-based company plans to arrive on March 31, 2017 with that good news, which if finally realized would make it clear that the cuts implanted by Sharp have had very positive effects on their finances.

The truth is that since they received the 289 billion yen capital injection from Foxconn last August, Sharp has managed to double the stock value of its shares .

Now, the Japanese company expects to revitalize its LCD screen business , curb losses in its operations in the field of solar panels, and manage to turn around the decline in electronics sales of consumption.

On the other hand in Sharp they have assured that although the company could close some of its factories in the south of Japan , they will not carry out personnel dismissals.