After the decline experienced in 2017, Canalys expects “a negative impact on those chinese suppliers that have depended heavily on its internal market,”.

The world’s largest market for the mobile devices which are smartphone, China not had a good 2017. In fact, the last year suffered its first fall in terms of number of shipments.

According to data from Canalys, such shipments shrank 4% to 459 million units. This contributed to a fourth quarter loose, with a drop in your case 14 %, with less than 113 million of smartphone distributed between the months of October and December.

companies, Huawei is the one that leads on shipping. In fact, it has not followed the general trend of the market and achieved an improvement of 9% to distribute more than 24 million smartphone in Q4, in what has been his best quarter in the domestic market. For all of 2017 were 90 million.

The firms that completed the top 3, OPPO and Vivo, have experienced a decline respective to the 16 % and 7% in the fourth quarter, contributing to each one of them, 19 million and 17 million shipments. Yes, they managed to grow in what is the year 2017 to the full.

For its part, Apple moved to Xioami to the fifth place in the classification of sellers of smartphone in China.

For the next few months, Canalys believes that these companies will work you hard for the rest. “The chinese market in decline will have a negative impact on those sellers chinese that have depended heavily on its internal market,”, comenta Hattie I, analyst of the consulting company. “it will Affect your cash flow and profitability, which will limit the expansion abroad and call into question the future survival”.

“The threat to vendors such as Gionee and Meizu is now closer than ever”, concrete I, giving names.

“there Is little space for the vendors, most small. The main players make aggressive plans to maintain or increase their market share”, goes on to explain that, so “we can expect a major reorganization the market in China in 2018″.