Skype 6.25 for iPhone and iPad terminals takes advantage of iOS 10 operating system features such as SiriKit and CallKit.


Google is not the only company that has updated recently its application for iOS devices. Microsoft also has news.

The Redmond company has released Skype 6.25 for iPhone and iPad , which is characterized by take advantage of certain features of the iOS 10 operating system .

On the one hand, there will now be a better integration of contacts. And Skype contacts can now store on iOS terminals directly . This facilitates the realization of video and audio calls and also the start of conversations by instant messaging. Accelerate the process since does not force you to enter the application to do these things.

By pulling the CallKit function of iOS 10, Skype gets Skype calls to be displayed as regular incoming calls . And, therefore, you can move from one to another if problems.

On the other hand, SiriKit technology is also used, which will allow to start Skype calls by simply using a voice command, by invoking the Siri assistant . As long as the Skype contact is stored in the iOS terminal in question, Siri can be asked to call that person. The assistant will request a confirmation to ensure that the chosen contact is correct and then proceed to establish communication.

At the moment this improves the classic app for iOS, but both the use of CallKit and SiriKit will arrive to Skype for Business in October .