Skype Translator is able to work with nine spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.


Microsoft continues to improve the functionality of its conversation translation tool through the Skype messaging application. That is, the Skype Translator that came to light in 2014.

The last thing announced < / a> the Redmond giant is the ability to translate voice conversations when a call is made directly to a mobile phone or a landline . This will happen even if the person receiving the call does not use Skype. It is enough that whoever initiates the call has installed the latest version of Skype Preview on your computer, as this option is currently limited to the Windows Insider Program, and has a Skype subscription or credit.

At older, members of the Windows Insider Program will be able to make this new type of calls with built-in translation if the caller is a Skype contact whose number is stored in the profile.

The person who receives the call will be able to enjoy the conversation after hearing a brief message that will inform him that everything that is spoken will be registered by Skype to be able to translate it.

It should be remembered that Skype Translator is capable of working with a total of nine languages, which are English , Spanish , French < / strong>, the German , the Italian , the Russian , the Portuguese of Brazil, the Chinese Mandarin and the Arabic .