The new channel sharing function as a common space for separate companies that will be able to collaborate, leveraging communication tools and integration platform.

Slack has introduced a novelty. A novelty that for now is in beta phase.

this Is the channels shareds, which will allow the members of a company to collaborate with external people. Whether it’s with customers, with partners, with different organizations… “Whether you’re a retailer, a logistics company, or any other thing, the channels shared make working with others more organized, more productive and a little more pleasant”, promete Slack.

And is that, in a nutshell, the channels shared, open working space which allows to relate with any person. It is a common space for separate companies will be able to take advantage of “the characteristics of communication and integration platform of Slack when they work together,”.

To avoid any misunderstandings, these channels are shared have an appearance somewhat different to that of a regular channel. Yes, basically they work like any other.

there Will be the possibility to use them as channels public or private, admitting publications, sending direct messages, sharing of files and use of functions of voice and video on the part of any member.

currently these channels are available for teams of plans, Standard and Plus.