From Back Market, the changes in the law on reuse and the mentality of consumers are paying off.


The production of electrical and electronic equipment in Spain is increasingly oriented towards the circular economy and a sustainable model with the environment.

This is confirmed by the numbers for 2017 Back Market. Based on figures published by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness on its website, Back Market indicates that, so far this year, the number of electrical and electronic devices has decreased by 32% compared to 2016. They have remained at around 126 million, which is almost 60 million less.

So, in the end, 285,486 tons of electronic products have been put into circulation, almost 30% less.

This has influenced, for example, the change in law that promotes reuse rather than recycling and also changes the mentality of consumers themselves.

Right now the products that stand out, in addition to the lighting devices, are computers, mobile phones, printers and other computing devices. By weight, they lead large appliances.