Passes to himself at the hands of the Italian Group Zucchetti, who acquired Solmicro less than two years ago.

The basque company IDS, with more than three decades of career dedicated to developing, installing and maintaining management solutions, has been acquired by Solmicro in its entirety.

This means that it becomes the property of the Italian Group Zucchetti, acquired Solmicro at the end of 2016 and now, with this movement, strengthens its presence in Spain. In fact, the head of the International Business of the Group Zucchetti, Enrico Itri, says that “it is a strategic operation that allows us to expand in the Spanish market,”.

“We are convinced that this acquisition will give value to the competences of the professionals of IDS and increase the potential of Solmicro”, adds Itri.

For his part, Justino Martínez, general manager of Solmicro, has stated that he will have “set in IDS for being a company with a corporate culture similar to our own, by maintaining a significant number of clients and for having an excellent human team. We share the values of innovation, transparency and quality”, he says, all them “key aspects of Solmicro, and we have dedicated since always important resources”.

Others of their points of coincidence are solutions ERP, Business Intelligence, web, LMS or CRM.

The template of technicians, consultants, officers and directors of IDS will join the team of Solmicro.

And how do you rate this own IDS? “Enter to form part of a large group, as is the Group Zucchetti of the hand of Solmicro, brings us with an important competitive advantage and our customers more guarantees to be a great business project for the future“, writes Peter Pinion, manager of the acquired company.