During the past weekend some of the best players of Dragon Ball Fighter Z have faced each other in a spectacular tournament organized in the Callao Cinemas in Madrid, where once again SonicFox and Go1 have faced each other in an exciting final that has fallen on the side of Dominique McLean.

The Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour SAGA has left us with some truly spectacular moments, being the Spanish player Shanks one of the protagonists of the event, reaching a meritorious fourth position after suffering a defeat at the hands of the great winner, SonicFox.

Victoria tra s victory, the EVO 2019 protagonists repeated a duel in an exciting final that made it clear that few players can match the power and skill of Go1 and SonicFox today. While the Japanese became strong in defense, the team of Vegeta Base, Goku GT and Kid Buu led by the American Dominique McLean ended up rising with a victory that set the entire auditorium on its feet.

The grand finale of Dragon Ball FighterZ will take place in Paris. The best players will still have one more chance to enter this event directly, in the Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour that takes place in Japan on November 30. This exciting competition has also served to show the first and spectacular trailer of Broly DBS , the new FighterZ fighter.