The update of this platform are over fifty new features. SonicWall has also introduced a firewall, most wireless access points and an analysis application in the cloud, among other things.

SonicWall has renewed its products and services advanced security in favor of the detection and prevention of problems in real-time.

In the first place, it has presented SonicOS 6.5 that is its release more big for the end customer. Not in vain, this platform comes with more than 50 new features. Do you for example? Includes an intuitive interface, as well as intelligence against threats to create platforms, automated security able to take advantage of third-party sources, and advanced capabilities of connection, and networking to foster the availability. Other developments include wireless capabilities for mobile users and the support of multiple authentication domains thinking in the policies of the organization.

“In a world that is modern and hyper-connected, there are no commitments. Our customers and their end users expect the best in security, performance, and analysis in real-time, regardless of the network, the device or the physical location”, says Bill Conner, president and CEO of SonicWall.

“This automated platform, and real-time detection and prevention of gaps ensures that organizations can create plans for security smart, consistent and solid”, adds Conner on the news, “at the same time meet the needs of speed, performance and cost of ownership of the companies and their users”.

And there are more developments that bear the signature of the SonicWall. This company has introduced the firewall Sonic Wall 2650 Network Security Appliance to branch and campus with the detection and prevention of automated gaps, and decryption and inspection TLS/SSL, on wired networks, multi-gigabit wireless and Wave 2. This is complemented with access points SonicWave that meet the standard 802.11 ac Wave 2.

beyond these products are already available, it should be noted the application in the cloud SonicWall Cloud Analytics, offered as a service, gives visibility into the network traffic, the behavior of users and devices in real-time. It is an extension of SonicWall Cloud Global Management System.

finally, SonicWall has unveiled advanced capabilities and a secure login. To improve the safety of users in remote, has announced SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 12.1. And for deepening the defence against cyber attacks advanced, has explained that Sonic Wall Secure Mobile Access will scan all uploaded files with SonicWall Capture ATP.