Although the 57 % of the victims of Gooligan reside in Asia, the effects of this malware can also be seen in the continents of america, africa and europe.

The researchers at Check Point have discovered and brought to the attention of Google in a campaign of malware against the Android operating system that already would be able to violate the 1 million Google accounts.

Among those accounts are, as is now known, the 748 Spanish.

And is that Spain is among the top 100 of the countries most affected by Gooligan, it’s called the malware that has made all such infections. 9% of the victims reside in Europe, while the great majority, 57 %, is in Asia.

Gooligan acts “rooteando” terminal is functional, with the Google mobile operating system, and then steals e-mail addresses and tokens authentication. In the end, the criminals get to violate both the information of the Gmail users as the data of users of Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play and G Suite.

“If your account has been exposed, you need to completely reinstall the operating system of your device”, warns Michael Shaulov, ceo of mobility products from Check Point.

“This complex process is called ‘flash’, and we recommend to turn off the terminal and contact a certified technician or the vendor of the device to make the process”, says Shaulov.

Image: Check Point
Image: Check Point