One trend that the coronavirus pandemic has made clear is the strength of electronic commerce (as well as the benefits of teleworking , the need for digitization and the commitment to cloud services ).

At a time when social contact is being limited to fight the virus, all those solutions that allow you to keep up with life without major changes are «on the rise».

In Spain there are already more than 20 million online buyers . According to data provided by Packlink, 22.5 million people buy online. This is equivalent to 72% of Internet users . As a direct consequence of the state of alarm and the confinement of the population, food products have slipped this year into the top 3 of the most demanded, just behind entertainment and technology.

When choosing a store or product, consumers value above all the price , but also other issues such as the delivery time. The average waiting time considered acceptable to receive the order is 3.4 days . Although 1 in 2 people wants the packages to arrive in a couple of days at most.

These and other data can be verified in the following infographic:

Image: Packlink