the united States and the United Kingdom are two other countries that accompany Spain in the first three positions.

Spain is a country especially prominent when analyzing the security problems that are happening around the world.

And that is, as reveals Always On, if the united States and the United Kingdom are first and second in terms of cyber attacks daily received Spain is the country that completes the top 3. In 2017 they would have surpassed the incidents registered with regard to 2016 130 %.

“we Currently live in a society marked by technological evolution, the on connection, and, lately, also by the cybercrime”, says Marta Plums, spokesperson for Always On.

“Both companies and individuals are being affected by the actions of criminals”, says Plum. These criminals throw “cyber attacks are highly sophisticated and innovative and they take advantage of security breaches or lack of the same to enter the digital systems of companies, and the ignorance of the users who navigate with confidence through the internet without knowing what they are can be found at the end of a transaction or online purchase”, for example.

And it seems that the attacks will continue. In fact, the Always On has predicted for this 2018 more impact to ransomware, attacks and banking systems, point-of-sale, the use of malware for criptomonedas, the dissemination of fake news and actions by means of devices of the internet of things.

“The investment in cyber security is a long-term advantage,”, warn from Always On.

“The installation of measures for the prevention of cyber attacks”, they add from this company, “translates into thousands of millions of euros stolen by cybercriminals, whether through sequestration systems, theft of information, or credentials, or by any means put in danger the digital security of a platform”.