Spain is the country that receives the most spam from all over the world . The security company Kaspersky once again places our country at the top of the classification of affected for the third consecutive quarter , after detecting that 7.76% of users who received malware < / em> in your email during the months of July, August and September were Spanish.

That figure is worth it to surpass other countries such as Germany (7.05%) or Russia (5.87%), which are second and third.

Kaspersky takes into account both the circulation of malicious attachments and links that lead to phishing sites. Among the tactics that cybercriminals used in Q3 are the identity theft of important companies to alert about an alleged need for technical assistance, the spoofing of tourist websites in the middle of summer holidays and false Facebook subsidies to victims of the coronavirus.

Of course, they also take advantage of the issue of the pandemic in other terms to arouse the curiosity of Internet users.

Regarding the countries that emit spam , the most active is Russia , since it would be responsible for 23.52% of all spam. Germany, in addition to being the second receiving country, is also the second sending country (11.01%), while the third place is for the United States (10.85%).

In this classification, Spain is in eighth position , with 2.52% of outgoing spam .