Almost 7 out of 10 Spanish users use wireless connections regularly, which places Spain second in the ranking of countries most suited to Wi-Fi.


Spain lives hooked on wireless connections. This is demonstrated by the data of the Ofury platform, which reveals that about 7 out of 10 Spaniards end up connecting to Wi-Fi networks at some time during the day.

This places our country in the list of places with the highest percentage of Wi-Fi networks use.

First is the United Kingdom, with 71.01% . And in third position, just behind Spain, Italy is placed with 52.91%.

Within Spain, Navarrese are the most common users of Wi-Fi technology, with a percentage of 80.38%, above the national average of 66.18%. Meanwhile, Madrid people would be the least adept (59.58%).

Image: Ogury
Image: Ogury