These networks will be deployed in the next couple of years and will be capable of achieving 300 Mbps for upload and download.

Spain will receive public aid of € 400 million to boost the internet speed.

The European Commission has already approved this financial injection, which will be aimed, in particular, to broadband networks qualified “very high speed”. It will foster the deployment of networks to reach speeds of loading and unloading 300 Mbps, scalable to 1 Gbps for specific areas. And it will be in a period of two years, between 2020 and 2022,.

“consumers and Spanish companies need to take advantage of all the potential of the digital growth, regardless of where they are located. This measure is address the digital divide between urban and rural areas of Spain”, explains Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of the Commission and responsible for competition policy.

“With this decision”, says, “and endorse once more the use of public funds for the services of the internet of very high speed broadband for households and companies in areas where private investment is insufficient“.

in The end, the aim is to extend the coverage of the high-speed within the single european digital market.