Are primarily affected by the ‘criptojacking’ and ‘malware’ for mobile terminals.

The Spanish companies are victims of more than 400 cyber attacks per week. According to the report Threat Intelligence 2019 of the Check Point, during the last six months were half 436 attacks.

Although these are varied, especially of note are the criptojacking that are hidden in the devices to take advantage of their resources and obtain economic benefits, with a percentage of 18.8 %, and malware mobile, with an 18.7 %.

If there is to put concrete names, who stands out is the botnet Emotet, with which cybercriminals distribute by other programs. In the month of September affected almost 1 of every 5 companies of our country. Also, are the threats highlighted XMRig and Darkgate, which are two criptojackers, the trojan banking Trickbot and AgentTesla as a Remote Administration Tool.

“Protect against potential security breaches has become a necessity for all companies at the global level, since every time more often vulnerabilities are discovered in the corporate network of the company that could have been foreseen before”, says Eusebio Nieva, technical director of Check Point for Spain and Portugal, on the basis of the results of the investigation.

“therefore, the optimal solution passes through strategies of proactive security focused on the training of employees, preventive controls and optimization solutions technology employed”, pointing.

Among other things, Check Point, advised to reduce the transfer pathways data, using security protocols and put in value the encryption.