In our first impressions of Dreams and we anticipate that the new Media Molecule , authors of the LittleBigPlanet series , was going to enhance the creativity of fans thanks to its powerful content editor that seems to have no limits. So much so that an amateur has been able to recreate the terrifying demo of PT using the tools offered by this PS4 video game.

Currently available in beta testing, weeks ago the Media Molecule team has already demonstrated the potential of its new job recreating LittleBigPlanet in Dreams . Beyond this content editor, the video game will also feature a story mode that will face fans of all kinds of challenges.

For now < a href = 'https: //' class = 'a_linea'> Dreams does not have a specific release date, although the Media Molecule video game is expected to be set on sale in 2019. Given the success of its beta influx, its authors confirmed days ago that Dreams extend the beta until February .