The operators’ commitment to the carrier billing , With payments directly charged to your customers’ mobile bills, it will bring them great benefits for years to come. Expenditure of $ 37 billion is expected this year … and $ 100 billion by 2025 .

This is what marks a study by Juniper Research, which highlights the importance of the change to subscription-based models for digital services such as games , streaming video or music . Precisely that will be key to achieving a growth rate of 172% in the next five years.

If everything goes according to plan, digital content should account for 87% of spending in this segment within five years.

«Partnering with services like Microsoft Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia will allow operators to rapidly increase their carrier billing offering by supporting payments for highly requested services», comments by one of the study’s authors, Sam Barker.

Of course, to comply with the forecasts, operators must take care of their alliances with digital service providers and re-evaluate their models, including the reduction of rates. This way they can compete with other payment methods such as credit cards and digital wallets.