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although, Sucker Punch was the subject of many compliments, after the demonstration of the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima last week, there were also some questions about the general dynamics of the game, among them, the hypothetical prevalence of the camps enemies as the axis of the experience, a formula awfully familiar to the followers veteran of sagas such as Assassin's Creed or Far Cry. Well, during the talk that 3DJuegos held with Jason Connell, art director behind the project, the creative acknowledged that the settlements mongols will be important for the structure of the game and other will be the elements that distinguish the game in the category of worlds open.

it Is thematically important to have these places"As you state, some games have several things in common and certainly, our goal was to create a beautiful island that was invaded by an enemy. So yes, we have camps and shipyards, and these places that you can go to eradicate —are optional, you can make them or not. There is a benefit to mass in it for your progression or your appearance, your clothing, or your armor, so we encourage people to do so, if you want to. But it is thematically important to have these places because, otherwise, she would not feel the invasion of this world, and we want there to be a feeling of threat, it is very important to us.", explained’connell, but qualified that by that, they showed the mechanics of wind and exploration first.

"I Think those are some of the things that you’re proud of and that are unique and different in our space. But this is not only be unique and different, but we want the island you amount because Jin cares. This is your home and you want to save more than anything, to the point where you’re willing to sacrifice their philosophical principles to save this is so beautiful, and to have these new features and unique, hope you import more of the island because it is speaking to you and motivating to help, and hopefully there is a connection there. But there are formulas that many games have, whether they be melee or action or open world and I think that these are just some of elements that make us different in the field of open-world", he added.

Image of a Ghost of Tsushima