Super Mario 3D All-Stars was one of the great announcements of the September Nintendo Direct , celebrated for Mario’s 35th Anniversary It is a compilation with three of the most beloved adventures in 3D of Nintendo’s plumber, available for a limited time on Nintendo Switch, and that in a few weeks will receive an update with a very requested by some players.

Through Twitter, the official Nintendo account announces this update 1.1 .0 of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. A patch that will be available in the game on November 17 , and as a great novelty, will add an option to use inverted camera controls in the three games of the compilation. This is a very common accessibility function in most current games, which for some reason was not present in the title.

Beyond the reversed controls, Big N has not mentioned more details about this update which is coming in three weeks, so it is still possible that it will include more tweaks and additional changes. We remind you that Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be available only until March 31 , 2021, both in digital and physical format. A release for a limited time, which Nintendo has replicated with the reissue of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon from NES on Nintendo Switch.

Surely this had something to do with the sales data of Mario’s compilation, which was the best-selling game of the week of its premiere in Japan, and closed September as the best-selling title of the month in Spain , among other territories. If you want to know what we thought about this adaptation of Mario games to Nintendo Switch, you have here our Super Mario 3D All-Stars review .