Microsoft will introduce a new device format in its Surface range, with the commercialization of Surface Duo as of September 10 . At least that’s how it will be in the United States.

The release date has been confirmed by the Redmond company through one of their blogs, in which define this terminal will inspire the next productivity representative of“ the next possible productivity ” with the device they carry in their pocket. ”

Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch screens each, that are combined into an 8.1 -in panel with PixelSense Fusion technology . Through a 360 degree hinge , it will be able to adopt different modes of use: the screens can be used together or separately.

Microsoft promises security with the deep integration of hardware, firmware and software in this folding mobile.

One of the most outstanding features of the Surface Duo, in addition to its double screen, is the combination of the Microsoft 365 experience with the complete ecosystem of Android mobile applications . Microsoft is thus committed to competing in the field of phones with Google’s operating system.

Microsoft’s new Surface is valued at a starting price of $ 1,399 .