Outdoor cameras will boost the market during the first years and then be replaced by cars.


5G will arrive, or is coming, to change things in the connectivity market. And it will boost the internet of things (IoT) phenomenon.

It will start with the outdoor surveillance cameras which, according to the calculations made by the consultancy Gartner , will emerge as the main IoT 5G solutions for a period of three years >. It is expected that in 2020 it represents 70% of the base installed in this market.

The endpoints installed for these surveillance cameras will be 2.5 million in 2020, up to 6.2 million units in 2021 and then 11.2 million units. This last figure corresponds to the year 2022.

But their representation will end up contracting to 32% in 2023, when they should be surpassed by connected cars . The automotive industry will then represent 53% of the global opportunity for the IoT 5G. Especially , the embedded modules of connected cars will be valued , with an installed base planned for 2023 of 19.1 million units. In total, between these and other solutions, the automotive sector will reach 25.9 million.

The proportion of 5G cars actively connected to a 5G service is expected to be 74% within four years. And grow up to 94% by 2028 from the V2X communications .