This mobile technology of new generation is already available in 54 cities and municipalities, thanks to a collaboration of Swisscom and Ericsson.

Swisscom it has set for itself the goal of giving 5G to about 90 % of the swiss population at the end of the year. And this begins with the activation of the first commercial network european 5G, a milestone that has occurred this Wednesday, April 17, fruit of the collaboration between the telecommunications service provider and Ericsson, and after obtaining the appropriate license.

A total of 54 cities and communities swiss feature from this moment on, with access to such a network and the related services, provided the users have the proper equipment, including smartphone prepared for the 5G. Among these areas are Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Lucerne, where the increase of speed and reduction of latency will begin to be noticed.

This opens the door to improvements in the media experience, games and reality, as well as to new opportunities at the level of connected devices, internet of things and industry 4.0. “With the launch of the first commercial network to 5G in Switzerland, we are laying the foundation for diverse and new applications and business models”, indicates Urs Schaeppi, CEO of Swisscom.

“not only will This be great for Switzerland, but also inspiring for the people who now form part of the digital world, whether they live in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains”, says Schaeppi.

“The 5G is already on the market”, held Arun Bansal, president and head of Europe and Latin america, Ericsson, which says that “this is a momentous occasion for Swisscom and Europe”. Since Ericsson explained that “we are strengthening the ecosystem 5G to reduce the time to market for manufacturers of chipsets and devices” and “we ensure the operability of multi-vendor devices and networks 5G, allowing more devices 5G and put on the market so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of the services 5G”.