With the goal of moving forward towards the area of digital security, Symantec has offered to 2,300 million dollars in exchange for the assets of LifeLock.

LifeLock will no longer be an independent company to integrate into the structure of Symantec.

And is that both companies, until now rivals in the security industry, have come to an agreement of acquisition that should be completed during the first quarter of 2017. The boards of directors of both companies have already agreed, but it is missing some fringes as the approval of the shareholders of LifeLock.

The offer from Symantec is valued at 2,300 million dollars, which is equivalent to 24 dollars per share.

something more than that number of 2,300 million dollars will amount of the annual income that you should end up reporting the joint signature at the end of the year.

“LifeLock is a leading provider of identity protection services and [against the] fraud, with more than 4.4 million members are highly satisfied and growing. With the combination of Norton and LifeLock, we can provide a complete cyber defense for consumers”, points out Greg Clark, CEO of Symantec, which has been proposed to move towards the creation of greater business security for the consumer.

“This purchase marks the transformation of the industry of the safety of the consumer from the protection against the malware to the broader category of Digital Security for consumers”, says Clark.

“Along with Symantec”, adds Hilary Schneider, CEO of LifeLock, “we can implement analysis and advanced technology to provide our customers with services of protection of information and identity unprecedented”.