After surprise days ago with a powerful trailer, OtherSide Entertainment continues to offer new details of his eagerly awaited System Shock 3, the new release from this veteran series of adventures, action and role that we now know, bet for some of the assumptions that made it great at memorable Deus Ex.

In System Shock 3, you develop the character through your inventory"One of the features of the simulators and immersive, is that they’re all about you in the world", has declared the veteran Warren Spector, director of System Shock 3. "you are the player, not a small avatar of 64 pixels or whatever. about choices that you think are appropriate to every situation", continues the creative, father of the legendary Deus Ex. "So the most important thing for me is the individual play style of each player guide to the game experience".

This is one of the reasons why System Shock 3 has ruled out the character classes already established. You’ll have the freedom to create your survivor from zero, taking all the decisions chance. "As in Deus Ex and other games", continues to Spector, "we have increases body and modifiers for combat".

"In this game, and in others of the style, you develop the character through their inventory. You’re acquiring things throughout the game. The tools that you believe will allow you to interact with our simulated world and our enemies in unique ways, again, serving to your own style of play".