The news that Metro Exodus on the PC will be exclusive from Epic Games Store has not left indifferent to anyone, including a Valve, has criticized the absence of the game on Steam. What do you think of all this THQ Nordic? Although the editor has not wanted to deepen the matter, yes, they make it clear that they would prefer that players could have more choices when choosing the platforms on which they enjoy their video games.

"The decision to publish Metro: Exodus as an exclusive temporary Epic Store was taken entirely by Koch Media, as the owner of the license Metro", they have commented on social networks. "Are a sister company of THQ Nordic (Vienna), reason for which we can but will not comment on".

despite this, from THQ Nordic added. "we do Not want to exclude categorically the possibility of having in the future unique temporary for any of our games but, speaking here and now, definitely prefer to give the players the possibility to choose the platform they like the most and put our catalog in as many points of sale as possible".