This update comes with the version 1.1 TeamViewer Pilot and 14.2 TeamViewer, also packed with new features.

TeamViewer has announced triple update, which affects TeamViewer Pilot, TeamViewer Tensioner and TeamViewer 14.

TeamViewer Pilot, which enables the assistance in remote through the technology of augmented reality with the sharing of cameras and annotations, now includes freehand drawing on your mobile screen, and improvements in both performance and usability. This can be seen in version 1.1, optimizes video streams for connections of low bandwidth and retouching is also part of the tutorials to learn how to use the application with placement and removal of arrows.

Another improvement of TeamViewer Pilot 1.1 has to do with the license options that can be purchased and used with subscriptions TeamViewer.

In regards to TeamViewer Tensor, TeamViewer has introduced the function of Conditional Access for business customers. This means that IT managers and security will be able to perform a centralized management of all remote connections by defining and modifying rules that permit or deny access. And, therefore, it means that your network is protected to prevent unauthorized access.

“With the latest update of the Pilot”, says Mike Eissele, CTO of TeamViewer, “the users can help each other in the real world like never before. In addition, the new and highly requested feature of conditional access Tensor helps IT administrators of large enterprises to apply, distribute and enforce access policies, giving them a total control over the use of TeamViewer on your corporate network,”.

finally, the launch of TeamViewer 14.2 leads to improvements in scripting, management of trust and user experience. With this version, which contains access control for the execution of scripts for incoming and outgoing connections, you can run scripts on Linux machines remote. In addition to managing devices in the administration console, you can manage browsers. And users will receive messages if the connection is lost.

“TeamViewer is committed to serving the needs of private users and businesses of all sizes, making life easier for IT administrators to save clicks, time and money in our entire portfolio of solutions”, said Mike Eissele.