With TeamViewer IoT, TeamViewer intended for users to manage connected devices “from any part of the world in real time”.

TeamViewer IoT, the solution of TeamViewer for internet of things, has been improved.

Is characterized by allowing remote control and real-time of different connected devices, in addition to providing incident management. For this it takes advantage of the Global Access Network of the company and integrates with existing platforms and legacy environments.

The new version of TeamViewer IoT introduces advances in configuration, in a matter of alerts and resolution of problems.

Other enhancements include additional capabilities to display Edge, remote terminals, recovery of data servers, OPC UA, and log files support for plugins custom monitoring.

Among others, it is compatible with platforms like Ubuntu, Windows, Intel, and Samsung Artik.

“We are thrilled to expand our capabilities remote control and monitoring, as well as increase the range of platforms supported with this version”, declares Raffi Kassarjian, director-general of IoT and Monitis in TeamViewer.

“The goal of TeamViewer IoT”, explains Kassarjian, “it is allow users to easily manage any device from anywhere of the world in real time”.

“The new version”, complete “is the next decisive step in this search is to take advantage of the experience of connectivity” that offers TeamViewer with “a solution of IoT the horizontal, and not proprietary, it just works”.