on the one hand, will reduce the mobile data usage in Android and, for another, facilitate the storage of the application Files iOS 11.

For this spring TeamViewer plans to release an update of its software that, among other things, bring improvements in the support for mobile devices.

Basically, reduce mobile data usage in Android and will facilitate the storage of the application Files iOS 11. The first thing will be achieved by using intelligent technologies for data transfer and storage in cache, resulting in addition to logins faster. The latter means that it will be possible to exchange files between the folder of the application, QuickSupport, and other location-compatible Files, as is the case of iCloud, Dropbox or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Although that is not all. What’s new in TeamViewer will bring, in addition to, what’s new for administrators and support personnel.

on the one hand, this will increase the sync Active Directory users with TeamViewer. Here comes into play a new connector. You may use the GUI of the AD Connector to set up groups, run tests and perform checks.

on the other hand, it will optimize the report generation for the system of incident servicecamp. TeamViewer wants to simplify the monitoring of problems and its resolution for the benefit of the service provided to the client. There will be integration of servicecamp with external reporting tools type PowerBI and Tableau.

“TeamViewer remains committed to listening to its customers and improve the service accordingly, to provide the option of remote control more safe and easy to use, both for private users and for companies”, says Kornelius Brunner, senior vice president of Product Management and Director of Innovation in TeamViewer.

“With this first update in 2018,”, says, “we extend our goal of make life easier to the users TeamViewer, as it will save you clicks, time and money”.