A report ensures that the technological revolution will have negative consequences for future employment.


As can be seen from the data shown by the Working Nation organization, developed countries will suffer a loss of 47 percent of current jobs in the < strong> next 25 years .

From the American organization they advance that the most affected sector will be manufacturing , and they affirm that the problem is that new jobs are not created in that field, report in an article from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In that sense, they ensure that the presence of robots in the production processes in factories is increasing, and reveal that mid-level jobs will be obsolete by 2034 , since It is inevitable that the technological revolution will end up eliminating them.

Other jobs that will be affected by technological advances will be those of accountants, doctors, lawyers, professors, officials and financial analysts.

It also highlights that the arrival of computers that are capable of analyzing and comparing huge amounts of data will help when making medical and financial decisions, reducing misdiagnosis and economic fraud, but alert that the same trend will also remove jobs.