Under the motto «A Digital Pact to better rebuild our societies and economies», Telefónica has announced its proposal for the reinvention of Spain after the coronavirus pandemic.

This Digital Pact is based on five pillars, starting with promoting digitalisation to guarantee sustainability and continuing by investing in digital skills and eliminating inequalities, betting on inclusive connectivity, modernizing fiscal frameworks and regulations in favor of fair competition and promote the ethical use of technology.

In this sense, the Spanish operator is committed to expanding the scope of fiber optics. He wants the entire country to be covered by 2025 . At the same time, will promote the deployment of 5G mobile technology .

Among the objectives set are modernizing public services, improving the functioning of SMEs and reformulating the educational system.

According to the calculations provided, this digital reinvention of Spain could cause an impact of approximately 1.8% of GDP over the next five years.

“Now, more than ever, we need a Digital Pact that collects the contributions, aspirations and longings of society as a whole. Now we have the unique opportunity to fully enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution and achieve effective cooperation between governments, companies and civil society «, says José María Álvarez-Pallete.

The Chairman of Telefónica believes that «this is the path towards a more sustainable, fair, inclusive and digital society» and explains that the solution involves «an improvement in people’s digital skills «.

«Telefónica», he says, «calls for digitization programs for workers and students of all educational levels», as well as «a modernization of social legislation that is in line with the transformation that we live ”.