according to a report by the portal Kotaku, as well as testimonials in the Reddit, YouTube videos, and publications on Twitter, the mode Ground War to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have, since some time ago, an epidemic of cheaters who exploit glitches to gain access to the bottom of the maps or sections prohibited within the walls and, from there, mow down the opposition.

there would Also be players using assists aimThe problem would affect 3 of the 5 maps in rotation for mode: Port of Verdansk, Karst River Quarry and Krovnik Farmland, but it would not be the only anomaly, as according to the rapper Faheem Resheed Najm, better known as T-Pain, there would also be players using assists of aim.

"just found my first user aimbot. The guy took 53 casualties in a Duel to the Death in Teams with a Uzi at rank 83. It’s like the auto-tune for the rap singers. We all know that you are not so good and if you were, since you are on level 155. Call of Duty should fix this."

This type of imperfections are not especially rare in shooters, and it is true, Infinity Ward will need to take action on the matter immediately, as a few weeks ago, also reported anomalies in the design of the map Shipment that allowed some players to stalk the points spawn enemies without moving and accumulate low until you reach the streak Tactical Nuke.

reports was given in the framework of the most recent update in the rotation modes game, which introduced a mode 1 Vs. 1, among other changes.