The telecommunications and smart cities are, according to Vertiv, among the sectors “essential to the normal functioning of the society”.

What are the most important industries for the proper functioning of society? What are the most critical industry? A report of the company Vertiv, formerly known as Emerson Network Power, they get a name.

Entitled precisely Classification of the most critical industry in the world, the study has been conducted in function of the criteria of a group of experts who have quantified the risk of each industry, taking into account multiple aspects.

These experts have valued, for example, the downtime and the consequent loss of sales. Or their impact on health and the environment, and the domino effect of that downtime is not planned. Have analyzed also the immediacy of the impact, its duration and geographic scope, the risk of alarm and indignation, or frustration and anguish arising from the non-availability, damage to reputation and the cost of recovery, among other things.

in this way, In twenty-two sectors, seven that are considered as the most critical, “meaning as such”, says Vertiv, “those of you are essential for the normal functioning of the society”. Are the sectors that we collect at the end of these lines, by way of a gallery.

To them must be added others such as financial services and eCommerce, we stand out as the two most important sectors for the economic impact of unplanned downtime.

The downtime can have different causes. One of them is human error. Other, natural disasters. There are also attacks of cybercrime. What we have seen recently with the campaign of ransomware, starring the variant of the malware Petya, whose victims were in 1 of every 2 cases industrial companies. And with the data in the report State of cybersecurity in the critical infrastructure operators in Spain presented by Check Point and the Center of cyber security Industrial, which reveals that the 20 % still without assessing their level of ciberriesgo.

Kaspersky Lab, for his part, determina that half of the industrial companies suffer between one and five security incidents every second. And that, on average, a cyber-security ineffective, they struggle to 497.000 dollars.



Most critical industries



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Public supply services


  The first place is for public supply services, including electricity transmission, gas service, nuclear energy and water treatment. Vertiv highlights the key role of energy supply and water treatment because, after all, they are "fundamental needs" on which almost all other sectors are based. At least in developed regions. For example of its value, the paralysis that produces a blackout.