Between laptops and desktops, the global gaming market accumulated 10 million shipments in the third quarter.


The third quarter accumulated shipments of 10 million desktops and gaming laptops , according to the count made by the IDC consultant. This means that shipments around the world grew 10.1% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, shipments of gaming monitors did 76.4% to 2 , 2 million units.

This not only had to do with the increase in demand, but also the fact that the channel accumulated more inventory to avoid an increase in the price of products due to the possible increase in tariffs by the United States. The fear of the shortage of Intel processors also influenced.

IDC has published forecasts and explains that, over the next few years, users will prefer more portable formats than desktop , with the exception of premium models. Monitors will continue to be interested and growing in the need for faster frame rates and higher resolutions.