Advances in remote assistance, thanks to TeamViewer Pilot. The final version will arrive on November 13.

The preview TeamViewer 14 is now available. This new version includes performance improvements, thanks to the intelligent compression and adaptive or connections fast routing.

And also promises advances in safety and productivity. But what stands out the most is by giving access to features augmented reality.

This is possible thanks to TeamViewer Pilot, that to bring these functions to the remote support to any person who requires assistance, regardless of the equipment, the machinery or the infrastructure problem facing it.

“The new version offers a very interesting combination of augmented reality, innovative, better performance, and greater productivity”, says Oliver Steil, general manager at TeamViewer, says that “with TeamViewer Pilot we expand beyond the IT support, providing remote assistance to work environments and training in any situation or industry”.

TeamViewer Pilot allows you to see with the eyes of others, guiding them step-by-step through processes and solutions, and draws on the shared use of remote cameras.

it Is planned that the final version TeamViewer 14 will reach the market in less than a month: 13 November.