A new study has analyzed the most popular methods in cyber attacks on companies.


As can be seen from the data in the latest Arbor Networks report in collaboration with 451 Research, to solve a malware attack, companies must spend a < strong> average of $ 2,300 per attack.

The study also reveals that > spear phishing attacks ’remain the most successful of all the methods of entering a company’s networks.

Instead, financial and identity fraud are losing popularity , since cybercriminals prefer to resort to more profitable and less complex strategies, they pick up in ITProPortal .

Scott Crawford, Director of the Information Security Channel at 451 Research, comments that “attackers are more likely to think, act and use the tools of an IT administrator to commit their actions, instead of resorting to those You can see them in Hollywood movies about hackers. ”

In that sense, the executive warns that “ cybercriminals use popular IT tools to access and scale their attacks through the internal systems of organizations”, and suggests that the industry of the IT security should think more like the adversary and put more emphasis on the strategies used in the attacks.