Facilitates RGPD is presented in the form of online questionnaire for those who try personal data from low-risk, that delivery basic documents for the compliance of the new regulations.

as of may 25, 2018, the General Rules of Data Protection (RGPD) will start to be applied. This Regulation introduces new rules of the game, and businesses must adapt.

in order To facilitate the task to the smes, which make up the vast majority of the Spanish business fabric, and which usually have fewer resources to implement changes, and also to professionals, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) has presented the tool Facilitates RGPD with the collaboration of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (CEPYME).
This tool is raised in the form of online questionnaire that does not pass 20 minutes of life and help you comply with the Regulations ifn personal data low risk. In a first block, you ask the organization that is identified by sector and type of data that is. In a second part, information is requested of the company such as your name, address, CIF or phone. Then, it also requires information about the treatments carried out in relation to customers, employees, resumes of candidates, and others. Now in a fourth phase, Facilitates RGPD delivery of the essential documents that ensure the implementationor.

From the AEPD explained that the information provided during the process, or monitor, or is conserved, what is done is to use it to generate documents almost completed. Among them are the log of the treatment activities, the clause and an appendix with formulas security minimum, for example.

The Agency’s intention is to make this tool available to the Group of european Authorities for Data Protection of the member States so that it can be used in other countries.