From the National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications explained that purchases like that of Jazztel by Orange or the of Ono by Vodafone pose a “drastic changes” that leaves “in a situation of weakness to the signatures survivors”.

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) is assessing the possibility of liberalizing the market of access to mobile networks. And in a meeting between leaders of their Direction of Telecommunications and the Audiovisual Sector, and representatives of the National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications (AOTEC), the latter agency has shown its rejection.

The AOTEC believes that the market OMV, that is, the of virtual mobile operators, “is not ripe for liberalizarlo”. Claims that is expected. What’s more, your president Servando López Calero believes that the liberalization would be “detrimental” after the process of purchase of different companies, as Symio and Jazztel by Orange, Tuenti by Movistar, Ono by Vodafone or Yoigo and Pepephone by MasMóvil. And it is these movements would have introduced a “drastic changes” in the state of things, “leaving on a position of weakness to the signatures survivors” to negotiate with the network providers.

This corporate concentration leaves the Spanish market in “high risk”, according to the AOTEC, back to levels of makes it more of ten years, from 2002. In fact, its members complain that right now are four large companies spread over a large part of the market. The virtual mobile operators would, in the aggregate, 10% of the total pie. It also has a negative impact on the agreements in 4G are still scarce.

on the other hand, this association of operators considered that the data for 2015 that manages the CNMC are not a reflection of the situation today. The AOTEC explains that the consumption of mobile data has grown by 10% and that the mobile is in these moments is the device of choice to connect to the Internet, which indicates remarkable changes in the use of telephony during the last year. On that basis, proposes to conduct a comprehensive study of the retail sector and to update the data before taking a decision.