The goal of the partners, who come from areas, such as telecommunications, automotive and banking, is to create a system fraud in our country.

the goal create a work platform collaborative that allows designing a system fraud in our country, in a moment in which the internet is more present than ever, and cyber criminals do not rest, the Association of Spanish Companies Against Fraud (AEECF) adds a new member.

This member is the telecommunications firm Telephone, who has declared to feel “very honored to belong to the AEECF and be able to collaborate with other Spanish companies in the fight against the fraud”.

tells Miguel Sánchez, the director of global Security and Intelligence (GCSIO) of Telefónica, which explains that, with this accession, “we intend to bring our experience and learn from the rest of associated entities, with which we will deepen in the knowledge of the new trends in this area are always in constant evolution”.

The mission of Telefónica, as the rest of the partners, will be work in detecting fraud early on different channels, face-to-face and non-face-to-face, giving importance to the digital part. And, so to protect the users.

Are almost 30 companies that are clustered around this organization, nonprofit, covering sectors such as telecommunications, automotive and banking.

“The fact of having Telefónica as a partner in the Association of Spanish Companies against Fraud is a cause of congratulation”, says Rita Estevez, president of the AEECF.

“In a more competitive market and exposed, it is necessary to develop plans preventive effective both for companies and for their customers”, follow Estevez, who says that “we are working to bring together leading companies from different sectors to share good practices and experiences in order to unify standards and go a step further in the fight against fraud and, without a doubt, all the know-how of Telefónica will be a strong asset”.