The boxes of booty, usually known as loot boxes, are a source of controversy in video games from many years ago, and are increasingly more countries are seeking to regulate. The past month of September, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport of United Kingdom published a report in the calling for the regulation of the boxes of loot in video games. And now, several months later, that agency prepares to conclude his research with an application for testing that can help to make your decision.

According to reports The Guardian, the british government asked this week evidence about if the boxes of loot or not they constitute a bet. A distinction that would force the developers to withdraw your use of the games, or to accept a classification by ages for over 18 years of age. While the agency has not yet specified the type of evidence they seek, the deputy labour Carolyn Harris points to the boxes of loot "are a comfort virtual and speculative that only helps to normalize and encourage the young people get an opportunity [to gambling]".

The british government, to the hunting of the boxes of loot: ask for tests to qualify them as betting