The great The Division 2 is about to finish its programming of Year 1 content, so Ubisoft Massive has presented a Year 2 through a broadcast starring the first expansion of the game: Warlords of New York . As the name implies, it will take us to a new explorable area : Manhattan! The mission? Find and end Aaron Keener , better known as Vanguard.

As the most attentive players in the history of game, Keener is a former agent of The Division who was abandoned to his fate in the Dark Zone, at which time he became renegade and began to sow chaos among NYC survivors using chemical weapons he gathers on his own. To find him, we will first have to end his lieutenants : Vivian Conley, Javier Kajika, James Dragov and Theo Parnell. Each of them controls a district of the new explorable zone, and uses its own resources.

Warlords of New York stars in Year 2 and takes us to a new explorable area with their own campaign So, for example, Conley and Kajika form a group with the Cleaners , an enemy faction which returns directly from the original The Division — only this time, they are stronger than ever. Apart from the flamethrowers of these soldiers, Dragov and Parnell prefer the help of the Rikers , who will also recognize the players of the first game. All these characters star in a new campaign to play solo or cooperative, as is the case with the main story.

The broadcast has also left several new features Interesting mechanically, like we have a new base of operations called Haven (which some old characters will visit) or that we will find new and veteran weapons and artifacts . In addition, the will review numerous important aspects of the game, including the interface, the loot and more, as well as a new level 40 cap. And what is beyond that?

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