The second quarter of 2018 has brought a significant growth of sales in the business of storage arrays based on Flash drives. Already account for a third of total sales.

The fall of prices-per-Gigabyte in the market for storage units in the solid state (SSD), coupled to better performance in terms of performance and capacity, are the main factors that have facilitated the definitive take-off of the systems AFA (All Flash Arrays) in the  market EMEA.

this has been confirmed by a new quarterly report IDC:, which is a growth of 18.6% compared to the same period of the previous year, the Q2 of 2017. Despite the fact that this growth has slowed, if we take into account the sales in Q1 of this year (a decrease of 5.7%), what is certain is that it is very good news for the leading vendors of storage systems for enterprise environments.

More specifically the arrays based units 100% flash, whose sales have soared to a 73,4%, which already accounts for a third of the overall turnover of the manufacturers in this region. Focusing on Europe, the percentage of growth increases up to 80%, which indicates that the organizations are already known widely the benefits of these technologies.

According to the classification by manufacturers, Dell EMC keeps the first position with a market share of 29.8% thanks to a growth of 33.2% in the Q2 of 2018. is NetApp strengthens the second position with 16.3% having increased their sales nearly 21%. Meanwhile, HPE, which has also grown by 5.5%, stood with a ‘marketshare’ of 14.3%.

rounding out the Top 5 IBM (10.3% of market share, and growth by 15.4%) and Hitachi (quota of 6.4% and growth is flat).

Source: IDC