In recent times since Bethesda they are specializing in launching recipe books of their most famous video games. If the saga Fallout already launched a collection of instructions to prepare some of its most emblematic dishes by ourselves, now it’s the turn of the The Elder Scrolls series .

With survival factors as key in their titles as we have seen in games like Oblivion , Skyrim or Morrowind , to mention just the latest installments, it was only a matter of time that we ended up seeing a book of these characteristics also about the fantasy mark a medieval.

The book, of which you can see some images accompanying the news, is launched in March 2019 with a price of 16.39 euros and in hardcover. It has almost 200 pages in charge of Chelsea Monrea-Cassel and, for the moment, it is confirmed only in English. You can book it now on platforms like Amazon .

Image of The Elder Scrolls: Blades