Although there will still be falls in spending during 2017 in central and Eastern Europe, IDC expects an annual growth of 9.2% by 2018.

The spending on security solutions still has not been recovered in the central part and the eastern part of Europe. In fact, there will be no recovery this year.

But yes that should be next year. As indicated by the consulting firm IDC, which explains that the fall of 11.3 % experienced in 2016, it will first go to a drop more reduced, from 6.6 % in 2017 and then to a year on year growth of 9.2% in 2018. In this you would have to see the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD) approved by the European Union, which will be mandatory from may. If not, companies will have to face penalties.

they Should invest in security different types of companies. Also the smaller size, to try to compete with the larger ones. But their budgets are “limited”, such as warns the analyst Ivana Slaharova, that says that these organizations “they have little to spend on IT security solutions”. is In central and Eastern Europe, companies with fewer than 100 employees represent only 3 % spending made in IT security.

For the technology, which will highlight, in 2017 will be the integration services, network security and endpoint security. While vertical markets are the government, the telecommunications infrastructure and public services, and finance.