The German consortium of automakers plans to brand new innovations that will improve the quality of your map service.

Speaking of HERE is doing a consortium formed by the major brands of automobile German, which was born after the purchase of the service of Nokia maps for 2.800 million dollars.

The innovations that are going to present HERE this week at the Paris motor Show, will allow users to know better the real state of the traffic.

To do this there will be four new services in the drivers will be able to share data from the traffic jams and accidents, as well as the possible incidents that occur in a road, such as the presence of fog which impairs the correct view, that rain implies that the firm is slippery, signs indicating speed limits temporary…

The data will be extracted from components of the vehicle such as brakes, wipers, lights, positioning systems, cameras, and other sensors, and will be translated into alerts through the services, HERE, report in Reuters.

in Addition, there is that highlight that will be collected in a collaborative way, because get out of the vehicles of BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, and in the future is expected to join other brands of cars to the project and to increase the base of vehicles that provide data.

The plans of the makers HERE go for brand-new services in the first half of 2017 , and they aspire to take the lead to rivals like Google, Apple, Tesla and TomTom.