According to figures from Canalys for the third quarter of 2017, Cisco, Symantec, Check Point, IBM, and McAfee together a third of the spending.

The global market of IT-security is on the rise. During the last quarter for which we have figures, the third quarter of this 2017, this market grew 9 %.

as Well as reveals the consulting firm Canalys, which explains why they are managed to achieve the 8,000 million dollars. 34 % of this spending agglutinate the top five vendors, are Cisco, Symantec, Check Point, IBM, and McAfee. All recorded growths. For example, Symantec, which has purchased Blue Coat and LifeLock, improved by 22 %.

By segments, the fastest growing is the segment related to the content, but also include the network security and security management.

“The attacks of ransomware of high-profile and the techniques of phishing increasingly sophisticated, have demonstrated the need for companies to strengthen their IT security to safeguard data assets and ensure the continuity of the operation”, comenta Claudio Stahnke, research analyst at Canalys.

“In 2018,”, pointing Stahnke, “as the hackers intensify the use of artificial intelligence, the attacks will become more sophisticated. This will increase the demand of security solutions comprehensive, favoring those vendors with broad portfolios of product”.